evening musings

so my new little baby is finding his footing in the house. he’s still a terrible scardy cat, but is getting beter. he’s so funny when he poops in his litter box. he’s so tiny in there. hahahaha i just heard him fart. i don’t think i’ve ever heard a cat fart before. but lemme tell you, it stinks! better change the box soon. i just told him his poo stinks and he just sort of meowed at me. typical male. and he likes to meow when i stop paying attention to him, another tell tale sign he’s male.

i missed going to a meeting tonight, again, because i was hanging out with atticus. well, and waiting for pizza to arrive. c and his buddy went hunting and came home with a big ol turkey so they were starving so i ordered dinner. the pizza hit the spot. it tastes so good when it hits the lips.

i am oh so tired of the rain. i’m waiting for it to be warm and sunny. on the news today they said that it has rained for 24 days this month so far, the most in history since 1904. we’re not in seattle, and i missed it, right?

sunday we spring forward and on one hand, i’m looking forward to the days staying light longer, and on the other hand, i’m so not looking forward to getting up one hour earlier. now it will be like my alarm will go off at 4:30 am instead of 5:30 am, which is still so ungodly early. even though it is light outside now, it still does not help the fact that i have to get up that early. i do not want the worm. i want to sleep. damn my husband for getting to get to work whenever he wants. grrrr.


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