another ho hum day

being nice to people just doesn’t pay. or maybe i should rephrase that. being nice to weirdos doesn’t pay. i always get into this trap where i’m nice to someone, especially a guy, and they take it a totally wrong way ~ like i’m hitting on them or something ~ which i’m clearly not. i’ll say hello and have a small conversation with them one day, and the next, they become my best friend for life. i do nothing more with these people than i do with anyone else, yet it seems like i make them feel like they are the most special ~ and not in a short bus type of way ~ people in the world.

lestat is like that. and two other guys here at work are like that. now i have to totally avoid them at all costs. i hate doing that, but i have to make them understand that i don’t mean anything but to be friendly. they are all introverts and are frightened of people so i make them feel accepted, i guess. now the two here at work will come and just hover around my work space several times a day. and they don’t get it when i ignore them by working. and i know they’re just harmless schmucks and they know that i’m married, but well, i’m over it. no more being nice. ha.

and then there’s the old complainer. she got on my case this morning because i was eating at my desk ~a big no no. oh, and by eating, i mean a very small granola bar. yes. she got up in my grill about a small granola bar. oh and my cup of coffee. yes, she’s still on my coffee. i told her that i drink the coffee even though i was told not to and she just shook her head at me. the topic of me drinking coffee has long since been mute with everyone else. she is in no shape or form a superior to me, although she makes herself feel that way and talks that way. i just ignore her. i feel bad for her in a way. she’s in her mid 50’s, looks like she’s in her mid 60’s and is still working a labor intensive job. sad.

i have already done most of my tasks for today and am trying to look busy. *sigh* i wish i didn’t have to do that all the time. and i don’t want just random busy work to occupy my time with either. but, at least i have a job and a paycheck. ho hum.


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