take time to smell the poppies…

what a weekend. i’m drained. c and i got into it, again. i lost it on sunday. my cousin from germany was visiting. we had a ‘typical’ family dinner with c’s family on saturday night.

friday i met with mr. fussypants and had a mini review ~ at my request~ and it was good and bad. i now have to report to another coworker because she wants to eventually take over his position and he thinks it would be good for both of us. i’m mixed about this because she is the one that screwed me over last week, but whatever. i’m over it. well, sort of. i swear, though. ever since i had those 4 days off, i have totally felt like a new person. i have this different sense of self and wellbeing. i am much more clear headed. especially at work. i have especially been proud of myself for not snapping at the lame people i work with these past few days. especially when fng asked me to make copies for her this morning (so not my job to be her secretary) and i said i would, then told her i would show her how to use the copy machine so that she could do it herself as well.

it was great to see my cousin as it’s been a long time. he came bearing a delicious cake…chocolate and banana that his mom had made. we devoured it. it tastes so good when it hits the lips.

c went hunting all weekend so he was exhausted, so naturally, he took out his mood on me. and boy was he angry and snippy with me. it was horrible. he was such an ass. he made me cry, several times, and i am so not a crier. and i even cried in front of my cousin, which wasn’t so great, but well, it happens. hell, i even cried in front of the folks at petco. ah…petco. what a delima that was. my cousin and i went to petco to get fish stuff when i discovered the most darling little pet. a little calico guinney pig. i fell in love, bought it, brought it home and well, less than 30 minutes later, i had to take the little fellow back. it was a nightmare.

well, today is a new day so hopefully things will be better. at least i had a little pet for a few minutes yesterday…


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