so i have this friend, who i call lestat, because like the blood sucking vampire in the ann rice’s vampire chronicles, this friends just sucks the life out of me. anywho, i haven’t talked to this friend in a little while and i talked to him yesterday.

ever since november, he has been convinced he will be getting a job in texas. he always thinks that because he wants something, he will get it. while this is a good thought, if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything, this is not how he thinks. he thinks just because he is who he is, he will get whatever he wants.

so anyhow, this job. i have been hearing about his job since november. it’s now march and he hasn’t gotten much further on the interview process. i mean, really. if you have a job opportunity and it doesn’t pan out within in say a month or so, you’re not getting the job. end of story. so i guess yesterday he had given up and accepted another job that he had on the ‘back burner’. good idea, smart guy.

he has been a state employee since about ’92 and will forever remain one. this new job he is taking is another state job. he just moves from place to place, getting bored about every few years. he now has had 4 different state jobs in the past 2 years. is that normal?

i just get so tired of talking to him about his job. he thinks he’s so great because he knows all these people ~many of the same people i know~ but for some reason he has this ‘better-than-you attitude. anyhow, i got sick of him quite a while ago and told him as much and he can’t get it through his thick skull.

i put off talking to him as long as i can as he totally drains me and i constantly have to repeat myself of my reasons why i do certain things or why i won’t go to visit him. he is really good at being condecending and rude. i am very glad i moved away from river city because he was very good at constantly calling me at work and on my cell. if i didn’t answer one phone, he would call the other. my two coworkers and i came up with the name lestat since they had to listen to me with him. you would think he was stalking me or something, but he wasn’t. we used to work together and he was much more normal then. but when he changed jobs a few years ago to one that gave him more management capabilities, he went nuts and his ego grew very large.

he just does not understand the fact that i do not like the person he has become and am sick of him. i have told him as much and he will always say he does not understand me so we go in a circle over and over again. yesterday was the same way. he’s married with 2 kids and i just wonder how is family puts up with him. he knows i’m married ~he and his wife came to our wedding~but i think i’m one of his only friends or somthing.

i know he really doesn’t have many friends and i can see why. yesterday he kept asking why i don’t come see him for lunch or something, and when i told him that i’m not ready to go yet since that town still brings back bad memories for me, he just has no clue. i told him that since i did so much of my drinking there and didn’t have many good experiences there, it’s still too hard for me to go back. his response?

” well it’s not like when you come back people are going to dump alcohol on your head”. nice.

when i told him i was happy for him about his new job and that he wasn’t moving to texas he said “what do you care? you don’t come visit me”. did i not just explain why? and i said as much. he has no comprehension of other people’s feelings. i know i have rambled quite a bit about this, but, well, it drives me nuts. but, at least i don’t have to talk to him for a while now.


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