what a day it’s already been. it was so cold when i got out of bed this morning that i almost froze my toes off when i walked on the kitchen floor. the ground outside was covered with a layer of frost so thick it looked like snow. my car was frozen solid. good thing i actually thought to start it about 15 minutes before i left the house this morning. it was nice and toasty when i got inside to head to work.

i hit all the green lights on the way in, which was great. i was only 2 minutes late by the time clock this morning. when i got to my desk, my little monthly friend arrived. hopefully she’ll be gone by the time i go to seattle. i was off the pill this month as i forgot to start on time…anyhow, for some random reason i took my tote bag to work today, which i haven’t done in about 2 months and it’s a good thing i did as i had supplies in there that i didn’t have in my handbag. so all in all, this morning started out okay. cold, but okay.

mr. fussypants came in around 8 am as fussy as ever. i figured he’d be in a good mood since he’d have new meat starting today, but i guess i was wrong. the new gal showed up around 9 am, i’ll call her…um…well, FNG for now. she’s has already rubbed a few people the wrong way. i have no idea who okayed her hiring. she is an old know-it-all and there’s nothing worse than that.

one of my other co-workers brought in a beta fish in a flower/fish bowl. his wife gave it to him as a valentine’s day gift and he has decided to bring it into the office. everyone thought the fish was dead, but i explained that beta’s tend to get frightened in new environments and that he was probably just scared. they all looked at me like crazy, but when i went up to the bowl, the little guy moved around, saying hello. since i seem to like the little fish, the bowl has ended up on my desk, which is fine by me. i like the little fellow. his name is rudy.

everyone of course has some random comment about little rudy, mostly how odd of a gift it is. i think it’s a fun gift. i’d love a gift like that. i’ve told rudy that i have two beta’s at home, pickles and relish.

i’m meeting with my new sponsor today at 4 pm. i haven’t seen the other two for a good few months. obviously they’ve got their own things going on and should never have agreed to take me on as a sponsee. this new gal should work out just fine. she has 11 years of sobriety and works a pretty solid program. next tuesday, the 21st will be 6 months for me. as long as i can get through this upcoming weekend in seattle, all should be fine.

heh..fng just asked where to go smoke. i totally called that one the day i first met her.

eta: i forgot to add this little nugget the other day:

in the middle of the day, tweedle dee sat down in front of my desk and asked me, are you in aa?

i had no idea how to respond to her, so i ended up telling her the truth, that i am.

but then, the conversation went in a strange direction:

td: my dad’s an alcoholic. well, i mean, he’s sober now. he also did a lot of drugs. do you go to na?

me: um, no. i don’t have a problem with drugs. just alcohol.

td: well, na is better than aa.

oh really? and you would know this, how?

td: see, aa only deals with alcohol, and na deals with addiction.

um, no, they both deal with addiction, they just deal with different substances

td: i went to alanon and alateen because of my dad. he’s been sober for like, 15 years. but he’s been in and out of treatment centers like, 10 times.

gee, i guess na really works for him, then.

me: that’s great, tweedle dee

td: did you know that ritz is in aa?

i’m didn’t know how to respond to that. i know that ritz is in aa, but hello, the second fucking word is anonymous. that means a secret. that means shut your big fat mouth, dumbass.

i tell her i know he is.

td: well, ritz and my dad knew each other before i met ritz.

that’s really great for you.

td: you should really go to na.

then she got up and walked away.

i just don’t get that girl.


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