do i look like your lackey?

so yesterday, tweedle dee asked me to take a box over to one of her clients first thing in the morning today because she will be dealing with another client at the time. fine. no problem. although part of me wondered why she asked me rather than, oh, i don’t know, someone who normally takes boxes from place to place, like someone in shipping.

but whatever. i say i’ll do it.

so as soon as i get in this morning, some other gal, who i’ll call grumpy because she is always complaining, walks over to me and said

” tweedle dee just called and said you’ll be taking over the box this morning”

“um, yes, we talked about that yesterday”

i just walked in for god’s sake. i still have my coat on.

she give me a wicked grin and walks away…right over to the room where i’m to take the box! and she couldn’t take it…because…???

so i go to tweedle dee’s office to get the box and realize that it’s pretty heavy and very dirty. good thing i’m wearing a crisp white shirt and slacks! grumpy, who reminded me of my task is wearing black pants, a black shirt and a black windbreaker. nice.

so i go back and get my red coat, so at least my shirt won’t get dirty, and grab the box. it’s rather large, so it’s a bit akward to carry. i make it over to the room, with grumpy watching the whole way. i ask her if she can please open the door for me and she has the audacity to say

” oh, is that box heavy? you should have used a cart.”

um, right.

i get back to my desk, settle down with a cup of coffee in my cute cup ~that everyone makes cute comments on…so there, person who told me i can’t drink coffee at my desk because i’m in a ‘public area’. humph. ~

oh, are you kidding me….tweedle dee JUST GOT HERE. she wasn’t even with the other client yet this morning. she doesn’t meet with the other client until for another 20 minutes.

i sure hope this isn’t any indication of how my day is going to go…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by WendyF on March 10, 2006 at 3:14 pm

    I like your bunny 🙂

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