these people have no idea

i swear. i cannot get over what a bunch of idiots i work with. mr. fussypants is in his normal state of fussyness today, over nothing in particular, yet again. we have a rather large group in right now and they are only slightly demanding. nothing at all that is tough to handle. but you won’t know it by the way he is acting.

he is going psycho, throwing tempertantrums and snapping at people right and left. you would think the world is coming to an end and he is instamental in making it stop from ending.

this isn’t even a high profie group. just your regular, run-of-the-mill group. nothing special about them. sure, they’ve been here before. sure, there were some difficulties with them before, but nothing at all we can’t handle in a normal, calm way.

mr. fussypants could never work at a state convention, that’s for sure. he would freak out just getting there. what a nut job. he has no idea what a stressful, high pased working environment is. absolutely no idea. he wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes with my last boss.

the others who work here aren’t much better. this morning i had to print something on cardstock, which i have to manually put in the top tray of the printer, therefore making the cardstock the only paper the printer will pull from at one time.

so, i let the other 3 people who i share a printer with know that i would be using the printer for the next few minutes and asked that they please hold off on any print jobs until i was finished. they all said sure. but did that happen? but of course not. that would have been too easy.

i was able to print 2 sheets of cardstock when all of a sudden….the printer was going and i didn’t hit print. hm…was the printer just hungry for cardstock? nope. one of the smart people i had just asked not to print figured it was okay for them to print since they didn’t need to use the carstock and figured the printer would just know to pull from the regular paper. what? no. that’s not how these printers work. obviously i just talk to air any time i talk to them.

later, one of the clients asked for a sign directing peole to use another enterance to their meeting room. so, i went to the gal who prints signs and asked her to please print one. she gave me an evil glare, like i was taking away so much of her precious time and said

“we’ve never made a sign that says that before. who told you to make that sign?”

um…i just made it up. i thought it would be fun.

are you kidding? just make the friggen sign! it’ll only take you a minute!

i told her the client asked for the sign so she finally made it, but very begrudgingly, and smirked at me when i was having trouble with the sign holder (they are made out of wrought iron and are pretty stiff). i think she’s still pissed at me over the whole umbrella situation from last friday.

and it’s not even noon yet…


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