rainy sunday

still in a funky mood. i’m not really over c’s behavior from yesterday. i just don’t understand how someone gets to be that way. now he’s acting all sweet and loving to me. last night he did admit that he was acting childish, like a 5 year old. at least he realizes that.

it’s stormy and cold outside. i don’t want to do anything today but sit in my room and watch the rain trickle down the windows and the birds flit and float their way through the raindrops. one of the large trees in the front yard is begging go show signs of spring. the very tips of the branchs are starting to bud with green life. mustard is growing in the field across the street, in between long grasses where doves love to feast. the old wine boxes that have been planted with pansys whose happy faces are smiling out at the world, give the yard color and whimsy.

i want a kitty. i want cuddling and love. no talking back, no condecending meowing at me, just love and cuddling. maybe someday…hopefully soon.


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