i just don’t understand

depression. it’s never a good thing. it comes on so suddenly for me. i hate how topsy turvy things can get. a girlfriend came up to visit. we had a great day, hanging out, shopping, having spa time…then c calls.

i told him she was staying the night and then asked if he’d like to come to dinner with us. he totally flipped out, saying she couldn’t stay because he doesn’t like house guests and that’s just too much of an imposition. i mean, really. who is he kidding. she is one person, pretty low maintence and here to see me, not him. he would have no entertaining to do, he didn’t even need to be around for anything. grrr! he can be so selfish sometimes.

i don’t even have the right words to express how i felt and feel right now. i was baffled at his actions. he got all worked up and said he would stay somewhere else so my friend and i could have the house to ourselves. then he hung up on me. are we in jr. high? apparently he is.

when i called him back, i got his voicemail. my friend suggested that she stay with another friend in a nearby town. it just infuriates me that this happened. my friend said it was okay, that she understood. but i don’t think it’s okay and i do not understand his actions. this is not okay.

she and i left the house, went out for coffee, went to payless shoes and tower records and then off to dinner.

i’m so out of sorts about all of this. she left a little while ago, to head over to her other friend’s house. we were supposed to spend the whole weekend together. she lives about 5 hours away, so i guess i won’t see her until i visit her at some point. this whole situation sucks.

eta: did you know that tower records sells porn? i had no idea.

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