a freak just walked by. this gal, who has to be at least 60, just walked by in full make-up so horrific, with white hair styled in a blown out flock of seagul look, wearing a green full length velvet dress with a white lace collar. i shit you not. and she thinks she looks great. high fashion great.

and i thought i had seen pretty much everything…and she’s here as part of a conference that’s pretty conservative.

i though her get up yesterday was interesting, but today, definitely takes the cake. her make-up is so dark; dark smoky cat eyes, deep red lipstick, dark rouge…wow. i wonder what time she had to get up to look like that.

and that dress. where on earth does one find something like that? witches-r-us? hell, even witches look better than that!!!

eta: she just walked by again. i didn’t see the sequined handbag she carried with her the first time she walked by and the green pointed sparkle shoes…


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