so i am so excited. about a week ago flowergirl asked me to do a little bit of work for her on her website, writing her profile and whatnot. well…i just checked out her website and my words are there! it’s so cool. i helped her write her service page, too. i feel so good. i knew i could do it, but have never been given the opportunity. *so happy*

my neck and shoulders are killing me right now. i must have over done it with the pressure i asked c to rub them with yesterday. my head is still aching, but has shifted from behind my eyes to on the right side of my head. ~lovely.

mr. fussypants sucks at dealing with people. he totally freaks out and gets his pantys in a huge bundle. he can’t see anything and deal with it in a simple way, he practically hyperventilates making sure things go right, then blames everyone but himself for when things go wrong. it’s sad, really. rarely is anything so bad that so much drama has to ensue each time he needs to do something for a client.

wow. he just totally came to me and freaked out. he cannot deal with people. granted, we work with a bunch of idiots, but he needs to realize that and not freak out when they do something wrong. heh. and the clients love me, so what do i care. 🙂

okay, i’m starving. time to see what kind of nibblets are out for lunch…


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