down time

finally, a delightful day. i didn’t really get to sleep in since c decided to start moving about at 7 am, but i did manage to stay in be until about 9:30am. the sun was shining brightly on my face when i did get up. i felt like a cat, all warm from the sun. i had a cup of coffee and lazily picked up around the house, did some dishes and made the bed.

I headed out to flowergirl’s house around 10:30 am. I arrived at 11:00 am after stopping to say hello to 3 deer that crossed the road in front of my car shortly before getting to her house. she has the most adorable mini house. big trees surround the property and she has planted little flower beds of pansies all around. their happy faces smiled upon me as i walked up the driveway.

i found her honey in the driveway and he let me to her, feverishly working away in her shop fulfilling a last minute order. her shop is darling! light yellow walls, white trim, totally decked out with all the fixings for a great shop. we left a little while later and ventured out to deliver flowers to a wedding.

the arangements she made were so gorgeous. she does amazing work. we found the church, set out the flowers and left. pretty easy for today. we then headed out to lunch. she knew of a yummy place and we had clam chowder and shrip cocktail. soo good. we had great conversation, too.

i had a really bad craving for alcohol today. i don’t know why, either. when we were at lunch i was especially struck for the need. i searched the menu for non-alcoholic beer, but decided to take flowergirl’s lead and order an iced tea instead. a while later i mentioned that i was thinking about ordering a non-alcoholic beer, and she said “what’s the point of that?”

enough said.

i ordered a coffee instead. so true. what would the point have been? to tease my mind into thinking it was getting something it wasn’t? that’s definitely no good. i’m really glad she said that. i took a magic pill as well, which helped squash my craving.

c and i headed out to a friends house for dinner. it was more like his clubhouse, rather than his house. i was a bit apprehensive of going, as i’m not a big fan of this guy’s wife, but everything went well. dinner was good, as was the conversation.

we got home a little while ago and i am ready to relax a bit on the couch. the best of will farrell is on snl right now…

i’m looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow. i hear it’s supposed to rain; a good day to stay inside and hang out.


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