spring is in the air

i’m so glad it’s friday. woohoo! it has been an interesting day at work. i got called into a meeting with one of my supervisors, snappy (because he’s a snappy dresser), and the rest of the folks he manages time cards for in the department. some changes are taking place here and so that means more standards in which we need to abide by.

one of which being making sure we clock in and out correctly. sounds easy enough, right? not with the group of fools i work with. sure, i have been guilty of coming in a bit late (i clocked in at 7:15 am today) but it’s not on a regular basis. plus, i’m pretty good at taking my 30 minute lunch and so on. and i am aware of overtime. i never go over, unless i’m approved of it.

well i guess these other gals aren’t doing so well since snappy had to call a meeting about it. so now if we go into overtime, we will get written up. this really pissed of the gals. i think it’s a little over the top, but i do see the company’s point of view. overtime is really expensive. but anyhow, now the gals are gossip central, talking about how unfair this all is. um…so just clock out on time and this won’t be an issue. i swear! the things people try to take advantage of around here is unreal.

speaking of taking advantage, i got myself a nice cup of club soda (and yes, it’s in my nifty coffee cup, on my desk) from the bar. mmmm. tasty! and a manager gave it to me, so i didn’t take it myself or steal anything for that matter.

well, the morning goes on and i’m working on a project and i need to get some answers from two coworkers. it’s like dealing with tweedle dee and tweeld dum! they are both such idiots, i don’t understand how they are still employed. the obviously didn’t read the very simple email i sent them, since they both pretty much restated what i had asked them in their return answers. i had to send three follow up emails to them asking the same question over and over again just to clarify what they were saying. it was ridiculous. the final straw was when i asked about a particular event date….

“so just to clarify, the 26th is when this is happening” (me)
“yes, they have been on property before”(tweedle dee)
“um…thanks. so Sunday, February, 26th, right?” (me)
“yes, the 27th” (tweedle dee)

this is what i have to work with ON A DAILY BASIS.

tomorrow i’m going with flowergirl to a wedding that she’s doing the flowers for. i’m excited. she asked me yesterday if i’d like to go along to see what she does. then we’ll go to lunch afterward. and today she asked me if i’d write some more stuff for her website. i’m so stoked and super flattered. i don’t know what’s better…being able to do writing for real, or the fact that she’s paying me in flowers!!!

earlier today snappy saw the star and swirlies on my wrist. he liked it. at first i was nervous because i thought i might get in trouble, but i didn’t. he asked me what the story was behind it and i told him it was to signify my 3 months of sobriety and he gave me a big hug and told me that was awesome! i told him i had just hit 5 months and he said that was great. i told him that it was a bit of a secret, and he said he would keep it as such. i had the biggest smile on my face after that.

one of my girlfriends just got a kick-ass new job. i had to track down her number at her current job (she starts the new one next week) so i could call her and congratulate her. i was so excited for her. i haven’t seen her since september, so it was great to talk to her. i know she’ll be busier than ever with this new job, but hopefully she and her husband can come visit sometime soon…

and i don’t know if i mentioned this the other day, but on wednesday evening, i did, in fact, get a call from my sponsor saying that she wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be making the meeting that night. nice. just as i had predicted. i ended up not going that night either and have been seriously thinking of changing sponsors. again. c recommended that i call this one girl we know who has awesome sobriety, and i think i’ll do that today. i just cannot deal with the other gal. it’s so not working for me and i need it to work!!


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