so i just got in trouble for drinking coffee at my desk. are you fucking kidding me? good god i hate this place. it just gets worse and worse every day. i have a nice little discreet mug that i keep to the side of my desk and i got in trouble. are you kidding? i have been drinking coffee at my desk since i started here over 6 months ago! so because some of the other departments cannot have drinks at their stations due to being in a public area, i cannot either.

i’m not in a public area, you fuckers.

first of all, i was in an office, then i had to be moved because we had someone come from the katrina disaster who didn’t want to sit in the open space. i was so pissed when that happened. here i was, all settled in my space, happy as a clam, and i had to be moved for someone who would be here temporarily! after i was moved, she left shortly thereafter!

then, i wasn’t even given the option to move back to where i originally was. so now, i’m stuck out in this open space, which is crappy because i have to totally clear my desk off every day before i go home. they actually expect me to have my desk cleared off if i leave my desk at any part of the day. wtf? i’m up an running all the friggen time! i cannot clear my desk off each time i leave. and, if i clear my desk off, like the want me to, then some one else will come and sit at it, thinking it’s just an open space. grrrrr.

i hate this place. but i still cannot get over the stupid coffee thing. i am so pissed right now.

oh gee, and i don’t have my nametag on either. better get that on before i get in trouble again. like i did the other day…oh wait. that was for having my cell phone in my back pocket. yep. got in trouble for that, too. where else am i supposed to put it when my hands are full? in between my breasts????


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  1. Posted by odd on February 24, 2006 at 9:53 am

    I would love to have big enough breasts to fit a pencil in between them, let alone a cell phone, ha ha! Why would you want to drink coffe at your desk when you can drink a cup standing around the water cooler gossiping? Are you crazy??????? Have you lost your mind?????

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