is it time to go home yet?

eeek. totally having a mini panic attack right now.

make. it. stop.

why is this happening? i hate this. just took one of my special pills. hopefully the magic will happen soon and my insides will calm down. tell the voices to just go away and leave me alone. i don’t want to play today.

my heart is racing, mostly because i am out of my medicine. it’s hopefully ready for me at the pharmacy. for some reason i didn’t have any refills left so they had to contact my doctor before they could refill. i’ll be going in an hour to make sure everything is okay.

thankfully i’m almost done with work for the day, not that i really have been working at all today. it has been so dreadfully slow here. and i have gotten so many friggen comments about my hair. you would think that no one ever does anything different with the way they look. oh wait. they don’t.

i just asked one of the gals i work with if she’s going to the 5:30 meeting today and she is. it’s a new meeting for me and i’m looking forward to going. i need to add another meeting to my schedule. i like the one on wednesday nights, but it gets to be a bit late for me since i have to be up so early the next morning. i seem to be calming down a bit, which is good.

people keep asking me if i have jury duty or not, which is so annoying. yes, i am on call. yes, i will let you all know if i will not be at work. yes, it is annoying that you keep asking me over and over if i will be going.

flowergirl came to visit me today. she brought me an awesome arrangement of peach roses. sooo pretty. she didn’t even charge me today ’cause they are extra. yipee! she even brought me some home made garlic and herb bread. it is soo good.


going to go by the tattoo shop after work to get my swirlies retouched. they have faded so much you can’t even see them. c has a journey after work with journey lady. hopefully that’ll make him nice and relaxed when he gets home. maybe we can watch a movie together tonight.

i made an appointment with the doctor for thursday morning to take a look at this weird spot on my face. i’ve had the spot for a while, but it seems to be growing, which is not a good thing. i told c that i think i have a flesh eating virus and that i’m dying. he didn’t really like that i said that…hopefully i won’t have jury duty on thrusday so i can go get checked out.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by R2K on February 22, 2006 at 8:14 am

    Maybe dont be hooked on chemicals to fix you anymore.


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