ho hum ~

well this evening has turned out much better than this day began. after work i went and got my tattoo filled in. the nice guy at the shop didn’t even charge me.

from there i proceeded on to the pharmacy to pick up my perscriptions. thankfully they were all ready when i got there. i was most concerned about my heart medicine, as i have a funny beating heart and the medicine helps keep it beating right. funny that it’s the same medicine my dad takes for his blood pressure. as long as we’re both happy and healthy, that’s all that matters!

i also went to a new meeting today. my friend showed up as well and we sat together. i didn’t recognize anyone else there, but that was okay. it was a really good meeting and one that i would like to continue going to. we read out of the living sober book, which is a great book. today we read about being good to ourselves, something i don’t do too much of. it’s funny how when i go to meetings, especially ones in which we read at, the readings always seem to pertain to me and how my day has been going. i feel so much better after going to that meeting.

i called my sponsor on the way home from the meeting and she’s feeling a bit better. i guess i’m still bitter at that whole situation. i need to figure out what to do about that. she wants to go to the meeting tomorrow night, but i’m not sure if i’m up for it. that meeting goes so late and i’ve already gone to one today and yesterday and will be going to one on thrusday and on friday and potentially saturday. but we’ll see what happens. she may have another migraine by tomorrow. yeah, yeah, i know. that’s mean and thoughtless.

i cannot believe i have not had a drink in 5 months. this is by far the longest streach of time that this has happened since i was about, oh, i’d say 21. while i did a little drinking before i turned 21, i didn’t really ever get hammered too bad until then, okay, well legally at least! i seem to recall a few drunken nights, but that was just mere college fun back then! 🙂

so i called in for my jury duty, and i am free for tomorrow, but am on call for thrusday. just as i predicted…i made a dr. appointment for thursday and now i’ll most likely have to reschedule it. humph.

well, i best be going so i can update the dreaded quicken before i get into further trouble and get banned from watching magnum. ha. like that would happen.


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