sunny skies ahead

my computer is making grumling noises and it’s not making me happy. i don’t like when it does that, it makes me nervous. oh good…it stopped.

i’m meeting flower girl for lunch at 11 am then another friend at 1pm for a spa afternoon. i’m so glad i have the day off. the weather is cold, but at least the sun is out. i’m glad that flower girl and i have become friends. she’s pretty cool and i think we have a lot of things in common. she’s one of the first friends i made here. and she’s awesome with flowers. 🙂

my other friend came to visit me yesterday and we had an awesome time. we went to brunch at this great place up the road from my house. they have the best eggs benedict. we perused the shops on in town and i did a bit of damage, as usual. she has more willpower than i do, but we shopped well together. she’s such a great gal. we had really great conversations. i really value her friendship. her bachelorette party is coming up next month and she asked me if i was nervous about it since i don’t drink anymore. i told her i had been thinking about it, but thought that i would be okay. as long as i’m not pressured to drink and i have a way out of situations, i’m usually okay. it felt so great that she asked me that. she totally didn’t have to be concerned with my not drinking. what’s so great to me, is that we’ve been friends for so long so she’s known me thru all kinds of stiuations and she still likes me. and she understands me.

the weather is crisp outside, but at least the sun is shining brightly. the birds are out, chirping wildly outside my window. the cheeseburger bird is back, hungrier than ever. flowers are beginging to blume and the most vibrant shades of green are covering the land. even the trees are starting to bud. the cherry blossoms are coming out in bunches, sprinkling the town with colorful petals. i have to admit, i do live in a beautiful world. ‘god’s country’ as c calls it.

i need to go pick up my perscriptions. i’m totally out. so, i haven’t started the pill for the new cycle, but i should be okay as long a i get it today. i’ll be okay with the other stuff a long as i start today a well. i think i have one more of my heart pills, so that’s good. maybe i’ll stop on the way to lunch with flowergirl. my other friend won’t be at my house until 1p so i’ll have time after lunch too.

my other friend and i are going to get mani/pedi’s at the spa today. we’re going to soak in the mineral waters for a while before our appointments. i love the mineral waters. to be free and float in the waters is so realxing and soothing. i need to quiet my mind~it is constantly running faster than i can keep up with.

i’m on call for jury duty this week. on one hand i want to go, miss work, be part of law and order. hehe maybe i watch that show too much…on the other hand, i’ll only get $6 a day if i get called to be on a jury and won’t get paid to miss work. hmmm….

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