meany mcmeanerson

well i have turned into quite the fussy little beast today. i thought it was just hunger, but i have eaten several times today and i can’t stop my internal monologue from shouting ‘i hate you’ and ‘just shut the fuck up’ to people who are around me today. i just got out of a meeting with mr. fussypants and some others and i swear my thoughts were screaming out loud. i had to look in a totally different directions so my face would not show what my insides were feeling. i think i need some chocolate. or maybe a cigarette.

i’m so glad it’s thrusday, though. i have to stay late today for a meeting with a director about a new project that i’m working on. i’m looking forward to that. earlier today fussypants said he was going to attend as well, but i hope he doesn’t. he totally takes center stage during meetings and loves to interrupt people with his self promoting comments. grr. he also loves to micromanage so i really hope he doesn’t go to this meeting so i won’t have to contradict him the whole time, which i find myself doing even when i agree with him just because i can’t stand him and i want to see him squirm. i’m such a snot.

so one of the fashion victims has decided she wants to get flowers from flower girl each week like i do. she ordered herself this enormous arrangement, which is beautiful, of course, since flower girl made them. now whenever someone walks in to comment on how pretty they are and asks who bought them, she says “i bought them because i admire myself. i don’t have a boyfriend so i’m buying flowers for myself”. it makes me want to smack her. she is being so damn obnoxious about it. i swear these people are nuts here.

i feel like i am going to explode today. i don’t know what’s wrong with me. i feel so intolerant of people today. or maybe i’m just letting these people get to me more than normal. i wish they would all just go away and leave me alone. grumble grumble.


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