hump day


c tossed and turned last night waking me up at every toss. at 1 am he decided it was time to read, which he did ever so noisily. he thinks it’s cute to wake me up to join him in the fun. it’s really not. so needless to say, i am very tired today. i also somehow turned off my alarm instead of hitting snooze, so i rolled out of bed at 6:41 am this morning instead of 6:10 am, like i had planned. so, once again, i did not shower before i went to work. ewww, yeah, i know. gross. very gross. a shower would have definitely woken me up.

now i’m drinking very weak work coffee. i can see thru to the bottom of the cup and my cup is half full. hmm…

fussypants is here wearing some god awful baggy pants. they’re just odd, especially since he paired them with a down vest. hopfully he’ll take that off soon as it’s actually warm inside today. i’m sure that won’t last long, though.

one of my friends at just changed positions here and is in a dramatically different role. it’s a good change for her and i’m excited for her. she came to visit me this morning to show off her new duds. as soon as she walked away, two of the catty gals from the next office over already stared in on the chatter. “did you see sweetie today? you know she left that department…” i tuned out shorly after that. can’t they ever leave things alone?

yesterday we got word another coworker’s wife had a baby. we got a strange announcement from one of our department head’s saying that we need to go congratulate the father. um…do these people really need an email telling them to congratulate someone on the birth of a child? evidently they do.

now the catty gals are talking about the baby and how small it presumably is. nice. can’t they just be happy for someone and not make constant judgement? apparently not.



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