so right before i was leaving for the day, one of my coworkers walked by fussypants with an arrangement that flower girl had made for her to give to her boyfriend. another coworker commented how pretty the arrangement was

and fussypants said “that looks like one of happy’s (another florist who also does work on the property) containers.”

i piped up and said, “no, flower girl buys those herself. she doesn’t use anything that’s not her own. in fact, she just brought that from her shop.”

to which he replied with a smirk, “well, they all steal from each other anyway.” then he walked back into his office.

wtf? flower girl is totally not like that. she would never take something that wasn’t hers. grr. that just made me so mad. i hate that he pulls shit like that. talking shit about stuff he knows nothing about. he is one of the worst offenders of gossip at work.


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