well humph!

so i am very annoyed. i went and got my eyebrows done at lunchtime and the gal totally took off a good chunk of my right eyebrow. now i’m all lopsided. grr. it’s totally shorter than the left one. grr! is it that hard to follow the pattern that’s already there?? i mean, all she had to do was clean them up, not shorten them and make them look weird. now i have to wait for it to grow out. i hate that.

only 20 more minutes to go then i get to go home. whoo hoo! i have to stop by the shoe repair store and pick up my shoes. i got an awesome deal on a pair of black prada leather heals on ebay and they only needed a little fixing up. i love shoes.

i sent c some flowers today and he really liked them. my flower girl made them nice and ‘manly’ for him. heh heh. i have 2 nice arrangements for myself too, ’cause it’s tuesday and i treat myself to them weekly. i’m not waiting around for someone to by me flowers when i can do it myself with regularity.

today was so quiet at work. i did hear a bit of fuss coming out of mr. fussypants’ office, but i stayed clear away. i pretty much spent the whole day goofing around online and updating my blog.

lunch was gross again, so i had a pb&j again. i had one for breakfast, too. i’m hungry again, though. i have some good cheese at home so i’ll nibble on that before i head out to the gym. fiscolini cheddar is the best. mmmm. gonna go have me some when i get home.


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