tuesday musings

well, today started out fine, then people started showing up for work. humph. i’ve decided to call my boss mr. fussypants. my previous boss was definitely the needy little man, and this boss is much more fussy than needy. he’s also much more drama, which is even more annoying than needy. plus he doesn’t throw things like the other one or slam his door shut or yell at me or hang up the phone on me or call me at all hours of the night to change is damn united flight because of the weather back east. okay, so i digress. anyhow. mr. fussypants walked in a few minutes ago and instantly my mood went sour. why is he here so early, anyway? we have nothing going on today so there’ s no need for him to be here now. grr.

it’s weird to see old people flirt. two older men, who have to be in their late 60’s, if not early 70’s, are always flirting with our office manager, who herself has to be around the same age. it’s just odd. the men come one at a time and sit in the chair that’s right in front of her desk and they just chat away. she has some boyfriend that she lives with, which is just weird to me for some reason, but they never really talk about him, but they do talk about her dog. yesterday they talked about her excercise program. i had to shut my ears before i went deaf. it gave me the heebie geebies to listen to them.

one of the gals that went on the outing yesterday just came in. she said it was fun, but that they started drinking at 10:45 am and continued on all day and it became a bit much. i could see that, for a nondrinker, that would be hard. but not for me in my previous life! ha. i guess they didn’t get back until after 4 pm yesterday. i’m still glad i didn’t go. there’s no way i would have lasted, hanging out with those people all day long. i can’t barely deal with them while i’m at work and i can escape from them throughout the day….

the fashion faux pas twins have showed up, but they are doing okay for today. both are wearing dark pants, so that’s very good. i know the tank top will make its appearence in a bit, but since it’s cold outside it might be a while.

i’m totally cramping up right now, which is rather annoying. sometimes i really hate being a woman. i have to get my eyebrows waxed as they are totally taking over my face right now but it’s gonna hurt so much more if i go this week. grrr but i can’t wait much longer. guess i’ll see if i can get in today and deal with the pain. gotta love it. beauty is never painless.

getting my hair done on saturday and really looking forward to it. i’m ready for a change. i think i’ll go darker, even though c likes me blonde. i’m more of a dark, dirty blonde right now. maybe because i haven’t washed my hair since sunday. ewww…heh heh.

eta: i obviously didn’t get the red and black memo for today. i have counted at least 5 people wearing a red top with a black sweater/jacket and black pants/skirt. i have also been asked where my red is (i’m wearing green and gray today) and have refrained from telling them where my red is coming from today, as i fear that would be away too much information for them to handle. 🙂

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