the complete lack of communication

ahhh…communication. what a concept. why is communication so difficult for people? especially the people i work with? but then, communication goes with common sense, and the people here are definitely lacking common sense. well, they are lacking a lot more than meerly common sense, but we’ll start with just that.

a few weeks ago, my supervisor pulled me aside and mentioned that he was putting together a lunch and wine tasting but wanted to let me know that he was sensitive to my not drinking and did i want to go along just for lunch and skip the wine tasting. i thought that was very kind and told him how much i appreciated the gesture. he mentioned that i should keep the 13th of february in mind as a possible date, but that more info would be forthcoming.

well, that was about 3 weeks ago that we had that conversation. i totally put that out of my mind until a coworker just asked me if i was going to the winery for lunch on monday. i told her i didn’t know what she was talking about, as i had forgotten. we were talking and it turns out the winery in question is oh, about a 45 minute drive away. the rest of the group is leaving the property at about 10:30 am and won’t be back until late afternoon. well, i’m not going to drive that far just for lunch. and on my own dime for gas as well. she mentioned that she also had meetings in the morning and couldn’t go that early and if i wanted to, we could drive together and go just for lunch. that’s a thought, but still…a 45 minute drive just for lunch with work people that i’m not particularly fond of? um…no thanks.

it urks me that the supervisor never had the courtesy to mention the distance or the trip again after our conversation 3 weeks ago. but that’s just typical of him. i swear, i’m over this job more and more every day.


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