fashion faux pas running amuck

i wonder. do people ever look in the mirror before they leave the house? there are some major fashion offenses here at work it they are beyond hideous. everyday. the same people.

first off, there is this gal who is pretty big. well, everywhere but the lower part of her legs, which is just odd. but she thinks she’s tiny. like a waif. her outfits are horrid. she wears super tight khaki pants that bunch around her protruding belly. then her butt gets hungry and eats some of the pants right up the crack. if that isn’t bad enough, you can totally see the outline of her huge granny panties underneath. ewww. then she tops off the outfit with a bizarre sweater from the 80’s that’s slightly off the shoulder in some random color that doesn’t really go with the pants. i know, hard to believe since they are khaki, but it’s true! she also has short hair, but her hair is really fluffy so it just fluffs out everywhere. sometimes she puts it in a clip, then it just makes her look like a kewpie doll. i won’t even start on her make-up, but lets just say that her cheeks are very prominently pronounced with blush.

another daily offender likes to wear her suit pants a size too small as well, but luckily they’re usually black so it’s not nearly as bad as khaki, but her tops are atrocious. and they’re almost always sleeveless. that wouldn’t be soo bad if she left her suit coat on. but nope. about mid morning the coat will come off and her flabbly arms are out for all to enjoy. it’s just not right. the tops are meant to be kept under a coat, not to be paraded around. and to make matters worse, she is rather endowed so her breasteses are even more pronounced when she has her coat off. today she has a lovely top of turquoise, leopard and flowers. where on earth did she get that??? other days she wears lace v-neck shells. wow. oh, and to top it all off, she has a haircut straight out of the 70’s which she still gets permed.

there’s no hope for these two.


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