weddings and showers and babies oh my!

so i don’t really know what to do….i have 4 friends that are getting married this year, all before summer, and 4 other friends who are preggers. we’ve been invited to 3 out of the 4 weddings and i’ve been invited to showers and bachelorette parties for all 4. and i’ve been invited to 1 baby shower so far. how are we ever going to save money?

they are all good friends, so it’s not like i can decline things. one wedding we’re not going to for sure…the one that’s in the virgin islands. that wedding is just ridiculously expensive. the other 3 are very feasable. one is right down the street from where we live, the other is about an hour away and the third (if we’re invited) is in la so we can stay with my folks.

i went to one bridal shower already and bought the gift for that wedding. the bachelorette is in seattle, but that may be the only bachelorette i go to. the other bachelorette is in palm springs and i may be able to swing that one, but we’ll have to see how are are doing financially at that point. it shouldn’t be so bad so that looks pretty likely. the shower for that one is in la and i can stay with my folks so i can definitely go to that one. maybe c and i can make it a long weekend down there since we won’t be going on any big holiday this year.

the other wedding shower will be here so that works well. that friend isn’t having a bachelorette, but i told her we could do a girlie day, like get mani’s and pedi’s or something. then come the baby showers. i can’t go to the first one, but there are 3 more potential ones that i’ll be invited to. even still, i’ll need to send a gift ’cause they are close friends. good thing c decided we’re not going to hawaii this summer!! we’d never be able to afford a house if we did! and thankfully dad is paying for my flights to la.

another friend and i are taking a mini vacation down to newport beach in a few weeks. we just need to get away sans boys for a weekend. dad is paying for the flight and i get a good deal on the hotel for the weekend. eeek. just got the date for the 4th wedding. june and in la. i need a cup of tea. or a valium.


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