sunday musings

another sunny day. even better than yesterday. the cheeseburger bird is back. i swear that bird wants to eat more cheeseburgers than i do! c thinks he’s a chicken mc nugged bird instead since the real cheeseburger bird is up at the cabin. whatever.

the bridal shower for my friend was good yesterday. she has a great group of friends. they threw her a good shower. i was sitting on the floor and her grandmother stuck her finger down the back of my pants ’cause my crack was showing. nice. c does that and since he wasn’t around yesterday, it totally freaked me out. especially since i had never me the grandmother before.

today i’m off to the city to have brunch with another girlfriend. i haven’t been to brunch in a while so that’ll be fun too. maybe i’ll get a mani/pedi when i’m there too.

c is doing much better with his back. he can move around way more than yesterday. he slept on his side last night so he’s a bit sore this morning. at least the weather is nice so he can sit outside for a bit today and smoke his beloved cigar.

i bought a pack of cigarettes yesterday and had one on the way home from the shower. haven’t smoked in a long time but felt like i needed one. no one at the shower commented on my not drinking and there was a lot of nonalcoholic stuff, but i still felt the need for a beverage but i resisted. there wasn’t any chocolate, but the cake was really good. the food was good too.


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