sunny morning thots

Ahh…Saturday at last. The sun is shining brighly and the little birds are chirping gayly outside my window. It has been gloomy for far too long so this sun is quite delightful. Must get out and fill the bird feeders so the little ones will have something to eat. I’m off to a bridal shower this afternoon and am looking forward to some good girl time. I still have to wrap the gift so I’ll need to venture into town to find some fun paper. C is feeling better and can get up without too much much pain so I’ll take him with me.

I have spring fever but have to realize that it’s only the start February and the groundhog saw his shadow so we have a long winter ahead of us. But I want it to be spring!

Made a really good chicken dish the other night. Bowtie pasta, pesto, grilled chicken, tomoates and mozerella. Yum. Tasted even better the second day after it had sat in its juices.

The ends of my hair are pretty crispy from all the curling I’ve been doing this week. Feels like straw. C wants me to keep growing it out, but I’m getting to the point where I just want to cut it all off. Well, maybe not all of it, but a lot of it. I like to change my hair and feel like I’ve had this style for far too long. We’ll see. I have an appointment in two weeks. Maybe I’ll play with the color some more.

Another friend is preggers. She’s an odd one, though. I don’t really understand her. I asked her a few months ago if she wants children, and she said “well, I don’t want to wake up sometime in my 40’s and realize that I never had kids and should have, so I guess I better have one”. Um…not exactly the best way to bring a child into this world. Then again, her and her husband are just strange. Can’t quite place it. But strange. When I asked her if they were trying, she says ” well, I’m not on the pill anymore, but we’re not teenagers anymore so we don’t have sex more than twice a week” Um…first of all, she never had sex as a teen and second of all, she only met her husband a few years ago, when she was in her mid twenties and he in his mid thirties. Okay….then the other day she sends me an emails saying “well, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve gotten knocked up. I should be excited like everyone else is, but I’m sick all the time so I can’t get that thrilled”. Yeah, just the type of person who should be having a kid. And she’s only 8 weeks along…aren’t you supposed to wait at least until the first trimester is over to start announcing? Oh well….

Another friend is getting married this year. That’s 3 of my friends this year. This one, however, is getting married in the Virgin Isles and is expecting everyone to travel there for her big day. Um…does she realize how much that is going to cost? Well I checked into it and it will be roughly 3k for a weekend! Good lord. There’s no way we can afford to go, which is sad since C is really good friends with the groom to be. But there’s no way we can pull that financially. Especially when we’re trying to save for a house in this crazy expensive town. I just can’t get over the wedding location. I understand the desire for a beach/tropical wedding, but come on. At least have it where people can afford to go. Hell, even Hawaii would be cheaper. Whatever. We feel bad, but there’s no way we can justify going. I think it’s rather presumptive and selfish to think that everyone is going to drop that much money to go see you get married. Not only that, there’s still the shower, bachelorette party and wedding gift to buy. Oy Vey.

Now C is laughing at me. He says because I got a ‘b’ in night school I think I can write a blog. HA. Whatever.


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