so my boss is gone on holiday and didn’t bother to tell me. nice. i’m glad he’s gone, but still. a little warning would have been nice. i mean, now i feel like an idiot when everyone else around me knows he’s gone and i found out by getting his ‘out of office’ reponse when i sent him an email this morning. whatever. people drive me nuts. especially those that are consumed entirely with themselves, like he is. i seem to know a lot of people like that, though. especially at my job. i’m really tired of my job. out of every place i worked, i have gotten over the euphoria of this job faster than anywhere else. the people here act like they are in jr.high. gossip, cattiness and complaining all day long. people are more concerned with what others are doing rather than doing their own job. it is so friggen annoying. and no one takes ownership of their own mistakes. i hate that. i always admit when i am wrong or have done something wrong, but everyone else just seems to blame someone else for their wrongdoing. where did these people come from? i wish i could find something else, but this town is so small, i don’t really have any other options. at least it’s thursday, so that’s one day closer to friday and i’m off for the weekend. i have a bridal shower to go to, which will be fun. the rest of the weekend i plan on doing nothing. definitely not thinking about work.


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on February 3, 2006 at 4:31 am

    well, shell, I think it’s time to move into that direction we talked about. The people around you may never change, so get the hell out! I will help you if I can, you know I have no other pressing job at the moment 🙂 We are the only ones that can change our lives, right?
    All my love,
    Slip ‘n Slide

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