today is it?

today is it? what does that mean? i have no idea. today is the day i start things new. maybe having a blog will help me sort out things in my life by writing my skybluepink thots for others to read.

days like that seem few and far between. i have had more gray, cloudy days that cheerful, warm days. it’s not just my attitude, many people around me are just so crabby and unhappy. they bring everyone down around them, not having a care in the world what they do to others.

people are just to selfish and fussy. life is too short to act like that all the time. i get so sick of it. i wish i didn’t have to deal with those people, but they are in my life daily. my work is a nightmare with those people. everyone is in everyone else’s business, but never minding their own. it makes the day very tiresome.


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