100 things *updated*

1.  i am quite a free spirit

2.  but i tend to look pretty conservative

3.  i have 6 tattoos and consider getting more

4.  i used to have my belly button pierced, but took that out in my early 20’s

5.  i only have my ears pierced now and rarely wear more than one earring in each ear, though i have 3 holes in each side

6.  i played the violin for 10 years but haven’t touched it in just as long

7.  i grew up in los angeles

8.  i did gymnastics for 8 years

9.  i was on the swim team in high school

10.  swimming is my favorite sport

11.  i think boys who play soccer have the best bodies

12.  i love music and listen to all kinds

13.  i grew up going to concerts and have been to over 50

14.  my most favorite concerts were duran duran, oingo boingo, lalapalooza ’94 and blink-182

15.  i used to be really into Disney, worked at The Disney Store and had an annual pass to Disneyland for several years

16.  i haven’t been to Disneyland in over 10 years

17.  i love to read and am always in the middle of at least one book

18.  i like all genres but know within the first few pages if i will finish a book

19.  i had my first ~ and only ~ baby in august of 2008

20.  she is hands down the best thing that has EVER happened to me

21.  i never thought i wanted children until i had her.  now i can’t imagine my life without her.

22.  i have never been close to my mother or my father

23.  so i am really thankful for all the wonderful girlfriends i have in my life

24.  and of course my husband, too

25.  i take anti anxiety/depression medication that helps me tremendously

26.  my dose was actually just doubled and amazingly, i am feeling so much better because of it

27.  growing up, i spent 4 summers in germany

28.  the last time i was in germany was in 2002 with hubby, before he was my  hubby

29.  i have never been anywhere else in europe, unless you count heathrow airport in london, which i don’t

30.  i have always wanted to go to the french riviera

31.  there is just something so sexy about a man with a french accent.

32.  i like the southern states.  there is also something very sexy about a man with a southern accent.

33.  new orleans is my favorite city

34.  i have also been to mexico and canada several times but don’t really have the desire to go back to either

35.  i have never been to new  york, but would really like to go

36.  hubby and i go to scottsdale for the giants spring training every year

37.  i am an alcoholic and have been sober since september 21, 2005

38.  i don’t always like aa because it seems like a lot of the people are really judgmental and are fake

39.   it has helped me become more spiritual, though

40.  i have grown up more in the past year than all the previous years put together.

41.  my life is so different than it used to be.

42.  neither hubby or i like where we are living and want to eventually move

43.  we live in a mini farm house that was built in 1920

44.  we rent so we can save to buy a house one day

45.  we have a veggie garden and a memorial garden for our beloved kitty, finn, who died in 2007

46.  it took me 8 years to get my undergraduate degree because i had such a good time in college (read: liked to party too much)

47.  i went to several different schools and finally graduated from san francisco state university

48.  one day i would like to go back and get a master’s degree

49.  i used to work in the hospitality industry and i hated it.

50.  i also used to work in politics for 8 years and it was crazy

51.  i still have a lot of friends who work in politics so i’m still am in the know

52.  we have two cats, atticus and sawyer, who we love dearly

53.  we rescued both cats when they were kittens from the animal shelter

54.  i drove a 2000 saturn for 8 years and finally upgraded to a 2004 volvo cross country and i love it

55.  i feel like a grown up in my volvo

56.  i tend to have a dry sense of humor

57.  i love inside jokes

58.  people who are intelligent go far with me

59.  people who write well go even further

60.  i don’t like people who are pretentious, passive aggressive or bible beaters

61.  i respect that everyone has their own religious view, but i don’t like their views pushed on me

62.  i am spiritual but do not follow any particular religion

63.  i grew up roman catholic

64.  i was baptized, had my first communion, was confirmed and was married in the church

65.  i am a big believer in free will

66.  i also believe in karma and what goes around comes around three fold

67.  wicca fascinates me

68.  i love watching law & order but don’t like the new cast so i mostly stick to reruns or watch ci & svu

69.  on the weekends i like to catch up on smut tv on e!, mtv and vh1

70.  i read us weekly, the new yorker, vanity fair, the reader’s digest, family circle and parents magazines each month.

71.  i can no longer read cosmo or glamour because i can no longer relate

72.  i love getting pampered at the spa, though i rarely go

73.  i do try and keep my eyebrows shaped, lest they take over my face.

74.  german was my first language

75.  i was adopted on halloween when i was 6 weeks old

76.   both of my parents are in their 70’s

77.  i am 40 years younger than my mother and 37 years younger than my father, which has proved to be difficult.

78.  my biological mother was 19 when she had me and my biological father was 21

79.   i don’t know anything about my biological history

80.  but not for a lack of trying, either

81.  i love going to sporting events especially soccer and baseball

82.  i grew up a dodgers fan but now i’m a giants fan

83.  i like men with dark hair and colored eyes

84.  i’ve never been attracted to men with light hair

85.  i like guys who are in shape but who aren’t beefy

86.  i can do without tv, but i cannot do without music

87.  i love fashion and covet many nice things

88.  if i could live anywhere, i would live at the beach

89.  i grew up going camping but haven’t been in years and i miss it

90.  i love getting together with girlfriends for brunch or a long lunch

91.  i like to hike in the redwoods

92.  i don’t really like the snow.  i can handle it for a weekend, but i wouldn’t want to live in it

93.  i’m a big stickler for good grammar.  it drives me nuts when people have poor grammar.  there really is no excuse.

94.  i’m a really bad speller.

95.  i like to write short stories, but am always too nervous to try and get them published

96.  i would rather publish a book of short stories than a whole novel

97.  i used to be really good at swing dancing and even competed a few times

98.  i did all kinds of tricks and flips with my partner

99.  i wish i could dance again like that

100.  i am really good at keeping secrets.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You know you’ve been friends a long time when you already know most of their 100 things. I love you, friend!! =)

  2. Posted by shell on July 3, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    awww…shucks sally! i love you, too!!

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